YOUR NEW GUITAR PLANTS A SEED! is a non-profit organization based in Vermont, USA with a simple mission to plant trees around the world. Quite simply, every dollar donated plants one tree.

Whitney Guitars has volunteered as a donation partner with One Tree Planted and pledge to donate 1% of every guitar sale or new course enrolment to One Tree Planted and their reforestation initiatives here in British Columbia, Canada.

Just think… on the purchase of one guitar, you’re replanting 40 trees in BC.

British Columbia is characterized by abundant forests, iconic wildlife like the moose and grizzly, rugged Pacific coastline, mountains, plateaus, and pristine lakes and rivers. Forests cover two-thirds of the province – an area of almost 60 million hectares. However, visitors will have noticed a marked difference in B.C.’s trees in recent years. Insect pests and diseases have decimated enormous areas of forest. These dead trees become fuel for wildfires, and in summer 2017 B.C. experienced its worst wildfire in history, with over 1.2 million hectares burned.

British Columbia has established itself as a leader in forest management, implementing stringent forest policies, stewardship programs and scientific research. ‘One Tree Planted’ reforestation partners are experts in rehabilitating B.C. forests and ensuring they have a sustainable future. Help contribute as we plant trees in British Columbia to help reduce the damage from beetle infestations, lessen the impact of wildfires, provide habitat for B.C.’s abundant wildlife like the moose and grizzly bear, and preserve the province’s natural beauty for generations to come.

B.C.’s rich forest diversity includes more than 40 different species of native trees, with some of Canada’s most interesting and valuable tree species. Coniferous, or softwood, species such as pine, spruce, fir, hemlock and western red cedar are predominant in close to 90 per cent of B.C.’s forests. Some of these very woods are critical to the construction of our guitars right here in the shop! To maximize the impact of your donation, our partners will determine the most appropriate species of tree to plant, depending on the time of year.





One Tree Planted is a non-profit environmental charity on a mission of global reforestation. They plant trees in North America, Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Whitney Guitars has chosen to focus all donations to BC forests.

Definitely – you can make a direct donation on the One Tree Planted website, here.

If you’d like to attribute your trees to our mission here at Whitney Guitars, just choose the ‘Donate’ option and assign us as your recipient.

Yes! You can help reforest the planet! Every individual contribution makes an impact.

Here are some direct links to the One Tree Planted website, for:

‘Whitney Guitars’ and the ‘Whitney School of Guitar Building’ are proud partners of Every guitar sale as well as each new enrolment in one of our various guitar building courses helps reforestation projects around the planet.