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Whitney Guitars proudly offers complete guitar repairs and restorations from our guitar building workshop in the Okanagan, BC.

The look on a customer’s face when they come in to pick up a new or vintage instrument instrument that I’ve either repaired or restored is often magical – I can’t put it any other way. A previously loved instrument that’s been relegated to it’s case or the closet, but that is now finding new life and fuelling a new fire for the player is truly a marvel — it’s a large part of why I love what I do.

Setups, crack repair, neck-resets, re-frets and more...


A professional setup to your guitar, bass or other stringed instrument can literally wake up an instrument that is, what we refer to as, a ‘sleeper’. Do you struggle with keeping your instrument in tune? Is it difficult to play?

Despite what you may have paid, does your guitar seem to lack that ‘magic’ or ‘spark’? Often, factories just don’t have the time to truly dial in every instrument they sell; a setup on a new guitar is almost always a given and can truly inspire you to want to play it.

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Breathe new life into an old love...


Vintage guitar restoration can include many general repair services but also speaks more to extreme structural damage such as a caved in soundboard, broken or lose braces, crack and finish repair, broken headstocks and so forth.

Generally, we want to maintain your vintage instrument’s lustre and patina, as we consider those to be ‘beauty marks’ or ‘laugh-lines’. Square one is to get your vintage guitar, bass, banjo or other stringed instrument back to true playability by fixing those structural deficiencies and address minor cosmetic blemishes. Every restoration begins with a conversation so we can determine the best approach to keep you and your instrument happy for decades to come. For rates and services, click the button below.

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Whitney Guitars provides complete guitar repairs and vintage guitar restoration as well as a full list of services to set-up your stringed instruments,  right here in our Okanagan, BC workshop.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your instrument repair and restoration needs or to learn more about all the services we provide.