The following serves to answer all general questions not related to specific guitar building courses. If you have any questions that haven’t been answered, feel free to contact me directly by way of the contact form, here.

We do not use kits. For the shorter 7-day and 14-day courses, students will often use our jigs and templates to make their instruments. For the longer courses, students will make their own jigs from scratch. However, all courses involve milling rough stock and building guitars from the ground, up.

We do offer a monthly payment plan for our six-month and one-year programs. All other program fees must be paid in full on the first day of class.

Educational loans that are available through banks and RESP’s can be used for training.

The possibilities really are endless. Many students go on to open their own repair shops while others build their own guitars full-time. Some students approach guitar building as a hobby while maintaining their professions and others work in music stores, as music equipment wholesalers, take on guitar ‘tech’ jobs, tour with bands, work in large production manufacturing such as at “Fender”, and so forth.